Tagungen und Konferenzen 

12. September 2017
- 15. September 2017

Hochschule Mainz
University of Applied Sciences
Lucy-Hillebrand-Straße 2
55128 Mainz

Ground Stone Artifacts and Society

An international conference on quarrying, production, function and exchange of ground stone artifacts. Hosted by Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, University of Applied Sciences Mainz, Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum.


Conference registration

For conference registration please use "Register now" on this homepage (JGU) and follow the instructions.
Conference registration deadline is 31th Auguste 2017.

We have two types of registration fees:

Standard: 150 €

Reduced: 70 €. The reduced conference fee is intended for students, retired persons and independent scholars.


The program will be published on the webpage and can be downloaded there.
For more information please visit the Association for Ground Stone Tools Research (AGSTR) Mainz 2017 conference homepage!