Dr. Geoffrey Smith

wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeitern (Post-Doc)

  • Kompetenzbereich »Pleistozäne Archäologie«

Arbeits- und Forschungsgebiete

  • Zooarchaeology
  • Palaeolithic Archaeology
  • Neanderthals
  • Experimental Archaeology



  • PhD Palaeolithic Archaeology (University College London)
  • MSc Palaeoecology (University College London )
  • BSc Archaeology (University College London )

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Doctoral Thesis (UCL, 2010)

  • A contextual approach to the study of faunal assemblages from Lower and Middle Palaeolithic sites in the UK. (Examiners: Prof. Clive Gamble and Prof. Thijs van Kolfschoten).

Peer-reviewed journals

  • Smith, G.M. (in press) Taphonomic resolution and hominin subsistence behaviour in the Lower Palaeolithic: Differing data scales and interpretive frameworks at Boxgrove and Swanscombe (UK). Journal of Archaeological Science
  • Scott, B., Bates, M., Bates, R., Conneller, C., Pope, M., Shaw, A and Smith, G.M. (in press) A New View from La Cotte. Antiquity.
  • Dinnis, R, Davies, J.S, Boulton, J.M, Reynolds, N, Schouten, R, Smith G.M, Souter, E.M & Chamberlain, A.T. (2013) Archaeological test excavations at two caves in Bishopton Valley, Gower , Wales. Cave and Karst Science, 40, 1.
  • Smith, G. M. (2012) Middle Palaeolithic subsistence behaviour: The role of hominins at Lynford. Gaudzinski, S and Kindler, L (eds) Hominin subsistence in the Old World, Quaternary International, 252, 68-81.
  • Smith, G. M. (2003) Damage Inflicted on Animal Bone by Wooden Projectiles: Experimental Results and Archaeological Implications. Journal of Taphonomy, 1, 105-114.

Edited volumes

  • Kindler, L, Smith, G &, Wagner, M (in preparation) Introduction to faunal analysis at Neumark-Nord 2. Multidisciplinary Studies of the Middle Palaeolithic Record from Neumark-Nord (Germany). Volume 1. S. Gaudzinski-Windheuser and W. Roebroeks (eds).
  • Smith, G.M. (2012). The Palaeolithic poor relation? Taphonomic approaches to archaeofaunas and their implication for the study of European Lower Palaeolithic subsistence. In Bones for Tools – Tools for Bones: the Interplay Between Objects and Objectives, eds. K. Seetah & B. Gravina. (McDonald Institute Monographs.) Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, 39–52.
  • Pope, M, Bates, M, Cole, J, Conneller, C, Ruebens, K, Scott, B, Shaw, A, Smith, G, Underhill, D and Wragg-Sykes, R.  (2012). Quaternary Environments and Archaeology of Jersey: A New Multidisciplinary project looking at the early prehistoric occupation of the English Channel Region. In Unavelling the Palaeolithic: Ten years of research at the Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins (CAHO, University of Southampton). K.Ruebens, I. Romanowska  and R. Bynoe (Eds). BAR International Series 2400.


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