Workshop, WissenschaftsCampus Mainz 

Candia, kolorierter Kupferstich, Braun und Hogenberg, 1575, Civitates Orbis Terrarum II, 53.

14. November 2019

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East-Western Contacts on Crete - Late Medieval Artists and their Works (Ost-West-Begegnungen auf Kreta - Spätmittelalterliche Künstler und ihre Werke)

Ein Roundtable-Format organisiert vom Young Academics Network.

Crete was an important cultural hub in the Late Middle Ages. A former province of the Byzantine empire, it was under Venetian rule from 1211 until 1669. During this time, contacts between various cultural traditions flourished on the island. This is tangible also in the works of art preserved from this period.

In this roundtable, we would like to discuss especially the  works of artists and the processes of cultural contact that they were immersed in. We would like to think about approaches on contacts between artists of different origin, their cooperations, and artists who travelled between Crete and the Italian peninsula and the effects this had on their work. These processes were not one-directional influences, but they had mutual effects in Crete as well as, for example in Venice.