Workshop, WissenschaftsCampus Mainz 

Darstellung des Schulunterrichts während der Herrschaft Konstantins VII. Porphyrogennetos. Miniatur des Skylitzis Madritensis (Foto V. Tsamakda).

13. September 2021
- 16. September 2021

Participation is by application only.

You will find all the information for the application and the programme here.


Dr. Tinatin Chronz
Daria Coșcodan, M.A.
Dr. Olivier Delouis
Dr. habil. Kirill A. Maksimovič
PD Dr. Sergei Mariev
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johannes Pahlitzsch

Workshop for Medieval Greek Paleography

Early career scholars (both at the pre- and post-doc phase) are invited to attend this week-long workshop dedicated to medieval Greek paleography. While the main emphasis of the workshop will be on working with manuscripts written in medieval Greek and creating editions from those manuscripts, the fourth day of the workshop will include a series of introductory seminars for studying manuscripts written in other languages of the Eastern Christian tradition, namely Arabic, Church Slavonic and Georgian.