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öffentlicher Vortrag, WissenschaftsCampus Mainz

ABGESAGT Illustrated Manuscripts from Ethopia

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öffentlicher Vortrag, WissenschaftsCampus Mainz

Kleine Kirche, große Architektur. Neue Beobachtungen zur Sergios- und Bakchoskirche in Konstantinopel

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öffentlicher Vortrag, WissenschaftsCampus Mainz

ABGESAGT Wolfgang Fritz Volbach als Museologe zwischen Italien und Deutschland: Sammlung und Rezeption christlicher und byzantinischer Kunst

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öffentlicher Vortrag, WissenschaftsCampus Mainz
öffentlicher Vortrag, WissenschaftsCampus Mainz

Legal Education in Byzantium: the Antecessors, the Basilica and the Nomophylax

Ein Vortrag von Dr. Daphne Penna (Groningen). At the time of Justinian the law professors were called antecessors. Around 900, many Greek texts were collected into one massive legal compilation of sixty books, the Basilica (Imperial Laws), and from the tenth to the twelfth century scholia were added to the Basilica text. In the middle of the eleventh century the nomophylax (the guardian of laws) was John Xiphilinos who was appointed to serve at this position at the new established law school...

öffentlicher Vortrag, WissenschaftsCampus Mainz
öffentlicher Vortrag, WissenschaftsCampus Mainz

Retracing Connections: Byzantine Storyworlds in the Long Eleventh Century

Ein Vortrag von Dr. Ingela Nilsson (Uppsala/Istanbul). During the long eleventh century (c. 950-c. 1100 CE), a host of core narratives that form the substructure of what we know today as Christian Orthodox culture were established in the 'Byzantine' world. Some were old stories that were systematically codified or rewritten, others were newly created or imported from other traditions. They concerned saints and commoners, heroes and devils, intellectuals and lunatics, in recognizably social...

öffentlicher Vortrag, WissenschaftsCampus Mainz

The Hodegetria Icon and Its Monastery in Constantinople between Byzantium and the West

Ein Vortrag von Dr. Nicolas Melvani (Mainz). The Virgin Hodegetria is one of the most famous iconographic types of the Virgin and Child in Byzantine art. The icon’s prototype was housed in the monastery of the Hodegoi, an imperial foundation located in the southeastern part of Constantinople, not far from the Great Palace and the Hagia Sophia. The monastery, which was probably founded in the 8th century, first became famous as a pilgrimage site thanks to a miraculous spring within its...