Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum Archaeological research institute (RGZM)

The RGZM is an archaeological research institute that operates globally. Founded in 1852 by the Gesamtverein der deutschen Geschichts- und Altertumsvereine, it has been a foundation under public law since 1870.

The departments of Prehistory, Roman Times and the Early Middle Ages, together with their exhibitions and restoration workshops, as well as the library (one of the largest specialist libraries for archaeology in Europe), are located at the main site in Mainz. The research field of Ancient Seafaring and its museum are located in Mainz-South, whilst the research field of Monrepos and its museum are based in Neuwied-Monrepos. The research field of Volcanology, Archaeology and History of Technology is based in Mayen and shares its results with others, including the Osteifel Volcano Park. A Laboratory for Experimental Archaeology was established in Mayen in 2012.

Research at the RGZM ranges from the Palaeolithic Age to the late Middle Ages. One of its great strengths is the collaboration between academia, restoration and archaeometry. Important archaeological finds from all over the world are analysed, restored, preserved and copied in the workshops and laboratories. Furthermore, the RGZM has established itself as an important training centre for archaeological restorers.

Thanks to its interdisciplinary and international orientation, the institute has a strong network of cooperation partners. One particularly interesting area of collaboration is with China; in future, this will focus on cultural-historical evaluation and scientific analysis.

The RGZM makes its research results available not only to the scientific community but also to the general public. It has its own publications department that publishes three important specialist journals and numerous scientific monographs. Permanent and special exhibitions, popular scientific publications and a wide variety of different events bring science and scholarly contributions to a wider public.