The Volcano Park

The landscape surrounding Laacher Lake has been formed by considerably young volcanic activities. Through the eruptions of volcanoes, precious resources have developed, especially basalt, tufa and pumice, which have been used throughout human history. The volcanically-formed cinder cones and the deep pits of the quarries give the region its distinguished shape.

The unique appearance of the regional landscape led to the creation of the Volcano Park. The RGZM and the district of Mayen-Koblenz founded the Volcano Park GmbH in 1996. Its objective is the study of monuments relating to landscape and technological history of the area and the inclusion of them into public regional planning, in order to present them in a form attractive to tourism. From its beginning, scientific investigation and its aims at tourism have gone hand in hand.

From Excavation to Presentation

The history of the Research Department for Volcanology, Archaeology and the History of Technology is linked closely with the Volcano Park.