The »Archaeological Restoration« co-operative Bachelor degree program introduces a means of education. It is a unique co-operative study program within the career field of restoration and links academic study at the Johannes Gutenberg University with practical vocational training in the restoration workshops of the RGZM.


In the »Archaeological Restoration« Bachelor degree program, training takes place simultaneously at two locations: trainees study at the Johannes Gutenberg-University and are also paid employees at the RGZM. The theoretical, scientific modules are covered at the Johannes Gutenberg-University, whereas the vocational, practical elements take place at the RGZM. In further modules, related theoretical and practical training elements are interlinked and their content coordinated. This close link between job-related scientific and vocational training within the field of archaeological conservation is unique and thus guarantees the required practical relevance of the training as archaeological restorer.


Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Standard period of studies: 7 Semester

Conditions of admission

Start: winter semester

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