dASIS – Distributed Archaeological Site Information System

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The data available in dASIS so far encompasses georeferenced sites from the Late Mesolithic, Neolithic and Early Bronze Age in Europe.

Some of the data originates from projects and research fields established at the RGZM over the past 15 years:

  • "Climate change and cultural change in Neolithic societies of Central Europe, 6700 - 2000 BC";
  • Research focus "Studies on the dynamics of Neolithic societies" 2006-2013;
  • Research field "Processes of social change and dynamics" 2013-2021;
  • ANR-DFG project on the Michelsberg culture (MK project, 2010-2014);
  • ANR-DFG project on Neolithisation (INTERACT, 2019-2022).

In addition, data from other public databases are integrated and processed.

These spatial data are used to prepare landscape analyses focusing on the dynamics of simple farming to complex state-level societies. Beyond that, other spatially distributed and georeferenced data are integrated in dASIS, such as individual artefact categories.

The data bank is open access and will follow the FAIR principles. Access to certain analytical features may be restricted.


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