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Tagungsband zur nachhaltigen Dokumentation in der Archäologie erschienen

Der Tagungsband »Sustainable Documentation in Archaeology. Technological Perspectives in Excavation an Processing« erscheint im Open Access und ist hier jetzt kostenfrei abrufbar.

Die englischsprachige Tagung fand vom 6.-8. Mai 2013 in Xi'an/P.R. China statt.


Florian Ströbele, Guido Heinz, Lu Zhiyong (eds.), Sustainable Documentation in Archaeology. Technological Perspectives in Excavation an Processing. 2013, May 6th-8th, Xi’an / PR China.


A good documentation of archaeological excavations is of high importance due to the destructive characteristic of the process. Developments in technology and concepts allow new, often more effective approaches in the documentation process during excavation. Recording finds and features in their three-dimensional spatial distribution will aid at understanding the entire archaeological context after finishing field-work. Image-based documentation and 3D-scanning are valuable tools for preserving the site as a virtual excavation space on which informed archaeological analysis can be based.

The use of digital tools will result in manifold digital data representations. Especially these datasets must comply with certain specifications, such as formats, descriptions, meta information, etc. to be used in the long term, and thus be sustainable beyond the excavation project itself.

The meeting will deal with technological aspects of documenting the excavation, further archaeological processing, and data archiving.

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