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26. Januar 2021, 18:15 Uhr

Der Vortrag findet online via Zoom statt.
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The event takes place online via Zoom.
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The Socio-Economic Impact of Raiding on the Eastern and Balkan Borderlands of the Eastern Roman Empire, 502-602

Ein Vortrag von Dr. Alexander Sarantis (Mainz)

This paper compares the short- and long-term effects of raiding on the societies and economies of the eastern and Balkan borderlands of the sixth-century eastern Roman empire. It demonstrates that, contrary to the impression given by modern works, the Balkans was not raided more regularly and intensively than northern Syria and Mesopotamia. And yet the archaeological record contains more evidence for destruction and economic recession in the Balkans than the East in the final decades of the sixth century. The greater resilience of the eastern provinces can ultimately be explained by their more durable elites, tied to the region by diverse non-state sources of local wealth and deeper-rooted feelings of cultural attachment.